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LED Lighting

Lighting Fixtures

  • LED Luminaires
  • HID Luminaires
  • Fluorescent Luminaires



  • LED Power Supply
  • LED Board
  • DMX Power/Data Device

LED Power Supply Design

On the LED design side Macron very capable of providing:

  1. 120VAC to low voltage circuits
  2. Dimming controls for LED applications
  3. Constant Current control for LED's
  4. Low voltage supply for other circuitry
  5. The know-how to get the project through UL
  6. The Know-how to cover FCC compliance concerns
  7. Cost effective
  8. Prototype support and production manufacturing

LED Custom Lighting Products

Light Engines


Dimmers for LED

LED Assembly

Substrate Options- assemble High Power LED’s to various FR4, Flex Circuits, Ceramic and MCPCB substrates.

Automotated Electronics Assembly- We utilize the state of the art surface mount equipment for high volume production of LED light engines, drive and control circuitry

  • Design Capabilities
  • System Level Integration
  • LED selection
  • Custom Power on the board
  • Packaging to fit the needs of your application