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Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a metalworking process for creating fully dense, net-shape metal parts starting when metal powder suspended in a binder matrix (or feedstock) is injected into a tool, in a process very similar to injection molding, resulting in a green part. The green part is then debinded to remove most of the polymer carrier, resulting in a brown part. The brown part is heated in a furnace in a process called sintering to remove the remaining binder and form a fully dense (typically, 97 percent) metal part. MIM is a mature, established manufacturing process for molding relatively small metal parts.

The applications for MIM Parts are wide. To name a few, MIM parts are found to be extremely useful in the following sectors:

  • Medical: Laparoscopic instruments (graspers, dissectors, instrument handles etc), disposable surgical instruments
  • Dental/Orthodontics: Orthodontic brackets, orthodontic buccal tube system parts, dental manifold, dental implants, carriere distalisers etc
  • Telecommunications: Bushings & Bearings, Magnetic Components, Stainless Steel Components, Difficult Shapes & Structures
  • Avionics: Various intricate parts (eg. parts for missile guidance systems)
  • Automotives: Gear parts, Pump Components, Valve Plates, Rotors & Vanes, Cam Rings, Bearings, Magnetic Pole Pieces, General Accessories, Stainless Steel Components for Corrosive or Submerged Applications etc
  • Electronics: Bearings, Magnetic Components, Stainless Steel Components, Complex Shapes & Structures
  • Industrial: Couplers, Gears, Brake Components, Bearings & Bushing, Pulleys, Pole Pieces, Magnetic cores, Lugs, Gerotor Speed Reducer etc
  • Chemical Plants: Complex shapes of specific alloys to suit various chemical processes
  • Weaponry, Arms & Ammunitions: Hammers, trigger mechanisms for firearms etc
  • Home Appliances: Pulleys, Gears, Bushings & Bearings, Gerotor Speed Reducers, Bevel & Spur Gears, Dual & Cluster Gears etc
  • Tools & Instrumentation: Gerotor Speed Reducers, Gears, Bushings & Bearings, Cams, Guides, Clutches, Connecting Rods.....
  • Optical: Stainless steel fiber optic connectors
  • Textile Industry: Specific parts for machinery
  • Sports: MIM Components like Sprockets, Bearings, Gears, Gerotor Speed Reducers, Pump Components, Pulleys, Chain Rollers